7 SEO Techniques to boost website ranking

Here are 7 other tactics you may not know about SEO!

There is a large number of SEO tactics performed by different SEO web designer agencies. All of these focus on top goals:-

  • Top ranking in the search engines
  • Huge traffic to the website

This is why you need to know them properly; no matter if you have to partner up with a professional SEO web Designing Company. This is a step you need to take seriously if not, you’ll fall behind and see your rivals zoom past you in the SERPs.

Here are few tips from our SEO experts

  1. UI and Navigation  Great User Interface and easy navigation always lead to progress, user interaction, and good results. This increases the duration the user spends on your website and get rank authorized by several active users and webmasters. Use simple navigations, to provide a better user experience.
  2. Site Architecture  This will also help in ranking and also has an influence on user experience. Site Architecture ensures the proper placement of context, proper alignment, and a clearer UI. include high-level graphics, suitable videos, error-free content, and items to increase user click behaviour
  3. Site Speed  A website that loads faster improves user experience and holds users for longer. Make sure your website works fast on all browsers and all devices
  4. Content Marketing Content has always been one of the most important factors in SEO. From old-fashioned exercises to present-day projects, content is used literally everywhere. But not any common one; rather be creative, unique, and powerful content is necessary for getting better results on search engines. It affects users as well.
  5. Backlinks : Links still reign supreme when it come to #SEO. One of the best way to attract quality links is posting quality content. You can also proactively outreach to bloggers and writers to link back to your site.
  6. Keyword Optimisation Every SEO tactic begins with the choice of appropriate keywords that make a website visible in SERP for various search inquiries. Proper keywords in contents and the nearness are necessary to get pushed forward. So, use relevant keywords, focus on density and keyword nearness, use them in headings and title, etc.
  7. Visual Content Engagement Only engaging content can’t make your visitor stay on your website. It somehow gets them bored and ruins their interest. Nobody has time to go through long content. So, Include visual content like, images, videos, graphics, etc. to increase user engagement and to reduce bounce.

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